A Taco Walks into a Bar

A Balanced Diet is a Taco in One Hand 
and a Margarita in the Other

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A taco walks into a bar.

The bartender says, “we don't serve tacos here!”

The taco replies, “that's okay, I just came in for a margarita."




Weekdays, Virginia Stockwell arrives in your kitchen, cooks a few healthy dinners, then leaves them in your refrigerator for heat and serve throughout the week. Obviously on weekends she's eating tacos and drinking margaritas. 



believes the following:

  • Vermouth has gotten a bad rap and martinis are best with gin – stirred, not shaken
  • Distillers are artists and their craft should be sipped, savored and shared
  • Draft cocktails are just awesome
A Taco Walks into a Bar
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Seven days without tacos makes one weak. Having grown up in southern California, tacos are a part of my life! If our family has a get together, I know there are going to be tacos and guacamole. This cookbook is my California-minded version of healthy southwest food. Because I’m cooking professionally 5+ days a week, I’m given the opportunity to test one recipe hundreds of times until perfection.


When Virginia began down the road as a personal chef, there were two things I found to help in her pursuits. First was learn amazing knife skills to aid in party prep and garnishing. Being a woodworker by hobby, this fit with my personality. The second way to help add value and depth to the event space was to learn craft cocktails. This is where it all started. It's well established that tacos and margaritas go hand in hand and building a perfect margarita seemed like a good place to begin. 


Is a friend’s birthday or wedding coming up? Send them a copy of A Taco Walks into a Bar. Maybe they’ll make something from the book and invite you over…or invite me over for dinner, either works.


Feb 22nd is national margarita day in the United States

July 24th is national tequila day

October 4th is national taco day 


Thank goodness I don't have to hunt for my food. I don't even know where tacos live.

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How to Host a Taco Party

What is a taco party? 

Duh. It's a party that has enough tacos and margaritas that the neighbors are peeking over the fence out of jealousy.


Step 1: Order the banner

Maybe it is your daughter's second birthday, maybe it's Tuesday. There's tacos, so does it really matter?


Step 2: Protect Your Table

Face it, your friends are slobs. Put out the tablecloth before the food hits the table. Plus, it makes for easy cleanup.


Step 3: Make Some Tacos

Set out the taco fixins of tortillas, seasoned ground beef, refried beans, shredded lettuce, cheese, salsa, chips and guacamole. 


Step 4: Keg the Margaritas

Yes, I said keg the margaritas! Did you know that you can put mixed drinks into a keg and just pump it out like you would a beer?

Keg Margaritas

Step 5: Queue the Music

Rodrigo y Gabriela are the ultimate guitar music for your taco party. Your guests will be chair dancing in two minutes. Good thing you have a keg of margaritas.