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Breville immersion blender

immersion blender

You may notice this Breville immersion blender attached to my hand during half the cook session. I use it to puree marinara, vegetable soups, salad dressings, and pesto. It's way less cleanup than a food processor.

OXO vegetable peeler

vegetable peeler

I admit, I am in love with the OXO brand. They seem to truly test their products and understand the consumer. This OXO peeler is excellent for peeling potatoes, cucumbers, and making lemon twists.

OXO mini whisk

mini whisk 

I love this OXO mini whisk! I use it for simple sauces on a daily basis. So cute. I've had the same one for about five years and currently shows no signs of wear.

six-sided Cuisipro grate mult-purpose

multi-purpose grater

This six-sided Cuisipro grater is like a Swiss army knife. I can zest lemons, grate cheese, mince ginger, and mandolin slice zucchini.

manual citrus juice press

citrus juice press

You'll find yourself using this juice press more often than you think. There is a large (orange) press, medium (lemon), and small (lime). I find the sizes silly. Just get the lemon size and call it good for all three citrus fruits. If you drink cocktails at all, bonus.

Tovolo mini tongs


mini tongs

These Tovolo mini tongs are the best! This was another one of those items I started using in someone's client, then found out how useful they were. It's the item I didn't know I needed until I had it!

ThermoPro probe meat thermometer

meat thermometer

I have found that I do love the probe thermometer with a cord. The probe goes into the meat while the cord and brain of the thermometer can be outside the oven. Genius.

plastic white meat cutting board

meat cutting board

For cutting meat, I prefer this white plastic cutting board. The white color easily shows off any deep nicks or food stains so I know when it's time to replace. It's also dishwasher safe, bonus.

OXO can opener

can opener

I tried out several crappy models before appreciating this OXO can opener. I added the can opener to my equipment box when I began to encounter those crazy Swiss-style can openers that I can't figure out!

Tovolo silicone masher


This Tovolo silicone masher is the brain behind guacamole mashing, refried beans, and of course, mashed potatoes. I love all things silicone, so easy to clean. The Tovolo brand is known for its fun colors.

Tovolo all-purpose spoon

all-purpose spoon

Tovolo makes such quality products that this spoon will last years and quickly become your favorite all-purpose utensil as well. There's on in my equipment box and one in my kitchen drawer.

OXO fine mesh sieve

fine mesh sieve

This is my second favorite kitchen tool after the immersion blender. Behold, the OXO fine mesh sieve for rinsing rice and quinoa plus draining pasta and sauces. I've tested out numerous models and learned to never buy an off-brand sieve. Cheap sieves fail by rusting, the handle breaking, or having weird edges that catch food particles, making cleaning difficult.

OXO fine mesh sieve

ceramic non-stick bake ware

I love this new ceramic cooking discovery. No need for sprays or muffin liners, just bake naked and your muffins slide out with each. This Greenlife ceramic baking set is my preferred brand.

OXO fine mesh sieve

ceramic griddle pan

When you want to wake up in the morning and scream "Pancakes!" this pan is it for mini cakes that don't stick. And, it's in my fav color.

OXO fine mesh sieve

ceramic pots and pans

If you're looking for a full non-stick kitchen, this set is ideal in price and size. It would make a great "welcome to your first apartment" gift.

OXO fine mesh sieve

stylish crockpot

Yep all these ceramic products come in soft pink as well!. Design your entire kitchen to be matchy matchy.

OXO fine mesh sieve

reusable baggies

Gone are the days of boxes of disposable plastic bags. Enter the new generation of reusable plastic.

OXO fine mesh sieve

baggie drying rack

No more throwing them away when you're done. Now you can hang dry your reusable plastic.

OXO fine mesh sieve

reusable "paper" towels

Are you in the process of getting rid of all your disposables? Here's another new product, reusable "paper" towels.